Register your service dog or emotional service animal today for you to avail of our ESA Letter and Dog Registration ID for only $69 each. You can get the ESA Letter and Dog Registration ID after you will submit the agreement.


I acknowledge that my completion of this form is to voluntarily register my Service Dog into Counseling & Medical Associates Dog’s registry. Doing so will help me present sufficient identification to help other people identify my Service Dog. Additionally, I attest that my Service Dog is highly-trained to assist me with my condition. I confirm that I am not registering as a fraudulent misrepresentation for my Service Animal, but rather to seek the legal requirements that will help me have access to benefits, such as living and traveling with my Service Animal. Additionally, I understand that both federal and local laws regarding Service Dogs are subject to change in the future, and I will continue to abide by all current regulations. I am aware that as of December 2019, additional documentation may be needed as many airlines now require the signature of a licensed Mental Health Professional on airline-specific forms to be submitted in advance to travel with my dog. If any access or privilege issues arise, I hold Counseling & Medical Associates and its agents benign, and comprehend that the company, Counseling & Medical Associates, can provide no guarantees that landlords and other third parties will be compliant and nondiscriminatory with access and privileges protected by laws regarding services animals.