ESA letters for a more convenient flight with your support animal.

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Air travel rights

You have the right to travel together with your Emotional Support Animal without fees and restrictions.

  • Your ESA with you in the cabin
  • Can’t be charged pet fees
  • Breed or other pet restrictions do not apply

Flying with Your Emotional Support Dog

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) allows emotional support dogs on airplanes when individuals with emotional support dogs are traveling. A written note from a doctor or mental health professional is required by the airlines that is not more than one year old. Also, your emotional support dog must be trained to behave appropriately in a public setting. There is no additional charge to travel with your emotional support dog. You should let your airline know 48 hours before your scheduled departure that you are bringing an emotional support dog so that they can make the proper accommodations for you.

Airline Forms

Recently some airlines have started requiring passengers traveling with Emotional Support Animals to submit an additional form signed by a therapist along with the ESA letter. So it is best that you check with your airline before traveling.

When you apply for your ESA letter or renew one, one airline form will be provided at no additional cost. Additional airline forms, because you are traveling in different airlines, can have a package for 3 letters wherein you will receive 3 airline forms. Any additional forms requested at any time after the letters and forms are written will incur an administrative fee. 

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